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Ensure Care launches health care card for everyone which will provide health treatment facility. Health care Smart Card is treatment package on affordable price for whole year.we all know HealthCare problems are common for everyone know days. Many of them are suffering from common illness.
Due to less availability of doctors in their area & proper knowledge about health people are not able to consult doctor properly for better health treatment, to face these problems company has launching smart card for the welfare of health card system remove prescription process which improves the quality of care and it simplify electronic healthcare record management through a coordinated health service process


  • 1. Dematerialization of the medical prescription from paper to electronic format which helps organization's to reduce costs and increase efficiency.
  • 2. Costs are divided by 6 to 7 when processes are dematerialized.
  • 3. A smart health care card is health treatment facility provide to everyone.
Health smart card benefit

. Identification pin and number is there in biometric authentication.

. The ability to Verify benefits, expiration dates.

. It is paperless

. There is confidential local storage of additional data such as blood group and associated treatment.

Rs. 1499 /year

  • Discount on Prescription Medicine (10-30%)
  • Discount on Doctor Consultation (10-30%)
  • Discount on Pathology test(20-30%)
  • Free body check up for card member one time
  • Medical loan with no cost EMI from our NBFC Partner
  • 1st Diet consultation Free
  • Accidental Insurance (Death+ PPD+ PTD+ CEB+ Education benefit) cover of 2 lakh.
  • Per card 4 family member
  • Refer card to your network and earn Rs. 100 cash back.
  • Earn loyalty point to get fit, to fill feedback etc. and redeem loyalty point in paying medical bills in our partner network.

Rs. 9500/year

  • Discount on Prescription Medicine (10-30%)
  • Free doctor consultation (of Rs 3000 )
  • Discount on Pathology test(10-30%)
  • 1 Diet consultation free per month
  • Blood sugar test every month (free of cost) FBS,PP
  • Heart check up quarterly (free of cost)
  • Hb1Ac test quarterly (free of cost)
  • Diabetic Retinopathy Test 1Time (free of cost)
  • Kidney function test 2 time
  • Lipid profile 2 time
  • Thyroid test 2 time
  • Medical loan with no cost EMI
  • Accidental Insurance of 2 lakh
  • Earn loyalty point to get fit, to fill feedback etc. and redeem loyalty point in paying medical bills in our partner network.
  • Tax Benefit Under section 80D

Rs. 11,999/year

  • Free body checkup of card holder
  • Discount on Prescription Medicine (10-30%)
  • Doctor consultation free
  • Discount on Pathology test(10-30%)
  • Medical loan for hospital billing with no cost EMI from our NBFC Partner
  • Pre and post pregnancy Diet consultation Free
  • Wearable device provide to card holder for multi parameter checking
  • Free ambulance facilities
  • Vaccination reminder
  • Accidental Insurance of 2 Lakh
  • Earn loyalty point to get fit, to fill feedback etc. and redeem loyalty point in paying medical bills in our partner network.

Corporate wellness health card

Corporate wellness health card programme which is designed only for corporate society. corporate wellness health card can bring many valuable benefits to your workplace.Research shows that corporate wellness programme which can reduce absenteeism which improve productivity and grow positive morals.
Benefits of a corporate wellness programme
The employee who thrive in overall well-being have 41- 42 of low health related costs which compared with employees who are struggling with heath issues and 62% lower cost compared with employees who are severely suffering from heath issue.

Pre Employment Check-up:

Pre-employment check-ups are required to ensure that the selected candidate is medically fit for the job. It is also a means of identifying existing medical conditions, including contagious diseases which could be adversely affected by occupational exposures.

  • 1. Pre-employment Health check-up Helps to recognize the capability of the candidate to handle the task for the position he/she is appointed
  • 2. It acts as a means to establish baseline health data against which future health status of the employee can be compared.
  • 3. It helps in screening of an employee on the basis of his physical, medical and mental health and thus helps in scrutinizing the potentially healthy employee and filters the unfit ones.
  • 4. Pre Employment check up of employees helps to bring down the Annual mediclaim expense incurred by the organization. This is achieved by scrutinizing the health of the candidate by a Medical Expert for any health related issues prior to joining the organization.
Annual health Check-up

Having an annual health check-up is a source of reassurance that the organization is inclined towards betterment of the employee's health. While it is also seen as an alarm system, to catch health problems before they become serious,

1. Annual Checkups - Screen for health issues such as cholesterol levels, diabetes, high blood pressure, early heart problems, renal stones, thyroid and endocrinology disorders which goes unnoticed.

2. These checkups help to find problems along with early intervention cure and even prevent diseases.

3. It checks the onset of certain conditions where the abnormality would not show symptoms but may manifest manually in reports.

4. Important for patients who have family history of Heart Diseases, Diabetes, Urology disorders, etc.

5. It also helps in early detections of common cancers, including breasts, cervical, prostate and skin.

Periodic Preventive Health Check-up camp

An important feature of our health care initiatives is organizing health camps. We at Ensure Healthcare have been organizing periodic health checkup camps to impart health educations and sensitize the organization on various preventive and primitive health care issues.

  • Preventive healthcare checkup
  • In house e-clinic facilities for easy appointment and other medical service booking
  • Healthcare smart card –medical services in discounted rate
  • Wearable device to track health monitor parameter
  • Reward for getting fit
  • Nutrition expert consultation
  • Insurance advisory and claim settlements